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2021 Ocean Education Ocean Protection Teacher Empowerment Workshop

Project Assistant:PAN,SIAN-SIN

  To encourage domestic teachers to incorporate ocean education into their teaching plans and participate in ocean protection, the K-12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education, appointed the Taiwan Marine Education Center, National Taiwan Ocean University, to convene a three-session ocean education teacher empowerment workshop. Because of the COVID-10 pandemic outbreak in May, the workshop was implemented online. Unlimited by time and space, the online workshop attracted more than 250 teachers throughout the country and even on the outlying islands.

  The topic of the workshop was ocean protection, focusing on two aspects, namely “the ocean does not harm me” and “I do not harm the ocean.” The first aspect refers to the influence of the ocean in people’s lives. Surrounded by the ocean, Taiwan, with its rich natural environment, nurtures abundant marine species and have high marine biodiversity. In the workshop, teachers learned to appreciate marine resources and acquired ocean safety and marine disaster prevention knowledge in response to the unpredictable marine environment.

  Chang Cheng-Chieh, head of Taiwan Marine Education Center, stated that the workshop would expand teachers’ knowledge and ideas about the ocean, encouraging them to incorporate marine education into their teaching in a stimulating and innovative manner. In turn, more teachers would be willing to engage in marine education, pay attention to marine protection, and cherish the ocean.

  In the workshop, several experts and on-site scholars discussed marine ecosystems and biodiversity, coral ecosystems, marine conservation, fish consumption, marine debris problems, the historic crossing of the Kuroshio Current and Taiwan Strain on canoes, marine disaster prevention, and their practical teaching experience. The content was impressive and rich, and the teachers gained valuable insight from the courses. This workshop enabled them to explore the mysterious ocean from different perspectives, and enhanced their understanding of the marine world; they were inspired to think more deeply about the ocean, fall in love with its beauty and wonders, and work to ensure that it continues to thrive.

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