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At the 63rd United Nations Conference in 2008, the UN declared that June 8th would be the "World Oceans Day", starting from 2009, and appealed all countries to pay attention to ocean and climate changes  to leave the future generation a healthy ocean and a beautiful earth.

The theme of World Oceans Day 2019 is "Gender and Oceans". With the changes of the times and society, the awareness of gender equality has gradually risen and it is emphasized that the love of sea should not suffer from gender discrimination and differentiation. The “world Oceans Day” encourages people to perform an in-depth exploration of the brilliant achievements and contributions of women in fishing villages all over the world in marine conservation and sustainable development of resources, and to appeal people all over the world to eradicate poverty, develop a sustainable consumption and production mode, and to protect and manage natural resources through cross-border cooperation.

In response to the concept of the "World Oceans Day", the Ministry of Education designates the week of the World Oceans Day as the "Marine Education Week" since 2015 and encourages all municipal departments, county (city) governments and schools at all levels to emphasize marine education-related courses and activities in this week to expand the participation of teachers and students in marine education and enhance the public awareness of ocean and implement marine protection activities.


1.To integrate marine education into school curriculum and related activities in conjunction with World Oceans Day.

2.To enhance the marine literacy of teachers and students and their basic knowledge about marine.

3.To enhance the awareness of teachers and students to know the ocean, love the ocean, and approach the ocean, as well as to protect the ocean and care about the earth with practical actions.

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