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Ministry of Education: 2021 Chartering and Consensus Conference for Outdoor Education Bases (e-Newsletter)

Project Assistant:SUNG,YU-HSUAN

To realize the vision and goals of the 12-Year Basic Education Curriculum and encourage students to learn from real situations and to, the Taiwan Marine Education Center (TMEC) implemented the Outdoor Education Development Project, which is promoted by the K-12 Education Administration of the Ministry of Education, and implemented in the outdoor education bases at 12 schools across Taiwan. On account of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Chartering and Consensus Conference for Outdoor Education Bases (May 20) was held online.

The elementary school bases for outdoor education are Taoyuan City Shin Pu Elementary School, Taichung City Da-keng Elementary School, Yunlin County Guang-fu Elementary School, and Tainan Municipal Jiangong Elementary School. These schools present various facets of Taiwan by examining field surveys of stream ecology, the local Oncidium flexuosum industry, environmentally friendly agriculture and food production, and sustainable aquaculture, respectively.

The junior high school bases for outdoor education are New Taipei City Gongliao Junior High School, Yilan County Toucheng Junior High School, Yunlin County Kouhu Junior High School, and Chiayi Municipal Beixing Junior High School. The outdoor education curricula delve into local issues. Students are given the opportunity to visit terraced fields, travel through the fields and mountains of Kailan, explore horizons in disappearance from land subsidence, and trace the origins of the Hinoki River on foot.

The senior high school bases for outdoor education are Taoyuan Municipal Wu-Ling Senior High School, Taichung Municipal Hui-Wen High School, Kaohsiung City Liou-Guei Senior High School, and National Heng Chun Vocational High School. Their respective outdoor education curricula feature in-depth walks for exploring the beauty of Taoyuan, outdoor exploration and field surveys involving cycling and light boating, natural and cultural interpretation of locality in Liugui, and an ecological field trip through Hengchun Ancient City.

The TMEC intends to research and develop curricular modules for outdoor education suitable for different stages of education through the establishment of outdoor education bases, thereby creating paradigm shifts. Its efforts will enable the widespread implementation and popularization of outdoor education in accordance with the following expressions guiding national policy: “salute to the mountains” and “salute to the sea.”

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