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Beginner Marine Education Training Courses: Food and Fisheries Theme

Project Assistant:CHANG,WEI-LUN

    During the final weekends in March and April , the Taiwan Marine Education Center (TMEC) hosted two sessions of green level (beginner) marine education training courses, with food and fisheries education as the theme. Through these courses, the TMEC aims to use the seafood on our dining tables to help participants learn more about the ocean.

    The first session was held in Linbian Township, Pingtung County. The participants were taught how to select sustainable seafood at markets and grocery stores. The youth team “Taiwan Fish Forest” presented the grouper and the fourfinger threadfin, local farmed fish species, and cooked fish dried overnight. The activities on the following day comprised digital learning, experiential activities, and practical instruction based on curricula .

    The second session was held in Taoyuan. On the first day, the participants visited eel farms at the Xucuogang Wetland and the repaired century-old stone weirs in Xinwu District. The chairperson of the Xinwu District Ayshiang Association told the participants about the past abundance of fishery resources. On the second day, a market survey was conducted to explore the principles and applications of Seafood Guide Taiwan. In the classroom, the participants were divided into groups to brainstorm topics for interdisciplinary courses on food and fisheries education.

    Notably, marine education resource centers in various cities and counties across Taiwan also hold marine education training courses. Teachers interested in marine education can obtain relevant information on the Further Information on In-Service Training section of the website.

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