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Marine Education 2020—Marine Protection Lesson Plan Competition

    In 2020, the Taiwan Marine Education Center (TMEC) screened lesson plans on marine protection to encourage the curricular integration of marine education. The selected examples of high-quality lesson plans are expected to provide a reference for teachers across Taiwan in the implementation of marine education courses.

    Competition participants were divided into preschool, elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school groups. After receiving the applications, the TWEC preliminarily reviewed their data and formats. Experts and marine education practicum instructors reviewed the lesson plans for accuracy, comprehensiveness, appropriateness, and feasibility. Innovation and thematic specificity were also considered. In contrast to that of general lesson plan preparation, the emphasis of the competition was on teaching practice in the classroom, and designers were required to present suggestions for the future within their lesson plans. In short, these considerations are indicative of the feasibility and reference value of the winning lesson plans.

    Many of the competition groups that formulated the winning lesson plans were composed of two or three teachers, ensuring the comprehensive delivery of educational content through cooperation. Aside from general education and art, in many of the lesson plans, marine education was incorporated into Chinese, English, and social studies curricula. In practice, some of the teachers took full advantage of the proximity of their schools to the ocean. For example, teachers at the New Taipei City Yehliu Elementary School led students to the seashore to clean up the beach and observe organisms in the intertidal zone. The activities furthered students’ understanding of marine environments and allowed them to experience ecosystems. After the courses, the teachers guided the students through a discussion of how to resolve the problems identified during field trips. Many other winning lesson plans formulated by teachers at nonseaside schools used videos, as well as news reports and briefings, to pique students’ interest and learning motivation. The course content and activities, which were separately conceived, focused on effecting changes in students’ daily habits. Marine education does not necessarily have to be implemented only in seaside schools, and the distance between schools and the ocean is not an obstacle to its promotion.

Marine Education 2020: Excerpt from the List of Winning Marine Protection Lesson Plans


Award Category

Title of the Lesson Plan



Senior high school


Environmental Education—International Coastal Cleanup

Wang Pin-Ju

The Affiliated Keelung Maritime Senior High School of National Taiwan Ocean University

The Garbage Island in the Sea

Yu Jia-Hua

New Taipei Municipal Guang Fu High School

Kuo Huang-Fu

Chung Yi-Lun

Show Seafood Your Gratitude! Welcome to the Fresh Fish Restaurant!

Chung Yi-Liang

Taipei Municipal Yucheng High School

The Garbage Republic in the Sea

Kao Pei-Hsuan

National Keelung Senior High School

Liao Wan-Tung

Help the Sea Turtles: The Problem with Plastic

Tseng Yan-Chie

Nantou Shiuhkuang Senior High School

Junior high school


Our Urchins—The Shape of the Sea and Hopeful Sustainability

Huang Huo-Yen

Kaohsiung Cijin Junior High School

Tsai Chia-Ching

Chang Ling-Ya

Are You Plastic, Ocean?—Pictures of Marine Debris Combined with Artful Thoughts

Chiu Yi-Jean

Tainan Municipal Yong-kang Junior High School​

Wu Cheng-Lung

Chou Liang-Yin

Plastic-Free: Coastal Cleanup Course at Ta-Kung Junior High School

Li Yu-Ching

New Taipei Municipal Ta-Kuan Junior High School

Huang Yun-Ching

Elementary school


A Green Dance with Sea Lettuce—Protect New Coastal Life

Lu Chia-Hao

New Taipei City Yehliu Elementary School

Chang Ching-Hsia

Huang Shi-Wei

Help the Kelp—No Plastic Bags in the Sea

Shu Yu-Fen

Taipei Municipal Wu Chang Elementary School

Li Hsin-Ying

Lin Chun-Ju

The Delicious Common Dolphinfish

Wu Hsin-Ni

Pingtung County Liuchiu Township Tiannan Elementary School

Hung Tzu-Lun

Chen Guan-Hsuan

Protect Terrestrial Hermit Crabs’ Homes

Chen Chiao-Ling

Kaohsiung City, Fongshan District Guopi Elementary School

Save the Sea Turtles—Reduce Plastic Use

Ku Hui-Ling

Hsinchu City East District Hsin Chu Elementary School

Yang Chiu-Yen



Plastic Reduction Starts From Preschool

Chiang Ju-Ling

The Affiliated Preschool of Dong Xing Elementary School, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County

Come Play at Wenzi!

Lin Shu-Yi

The Affiliated Preschool of Wenzi Elementary School, Pingtung County, Chia-Tung Township

Hung Mei-Fang

Shen Li-Ting

Sea Angel—Get Close to Water in the Summer

Tai Yu-An

Taipei City Ocean Resource Center

Yang Yi-Han

Taipei Municipal School of Special Education

Yu Hsiang-Ting



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