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Ministry of Education: The 2020 Marine Education Innovation Program and Bases for Education Research and Development

To develop national marine education, relevant resources must be integrated. The promotion of marine education has gradually been implemented in each stage of the education across Taiwan. The K-12 Education Administration of the Ministry of Education commissioned the Taiwan Marine Education Center (TMEC) to oversee the 2020 Marine Education Program and Teaching Development Program. In 2020, high-quality school and teaching teams with experience in promoting marine education in special municipalities, counties, and cities of Taiwan established a marine education innovation program and bases for teaching research and development (hereinafter referred to as the marine education bases). The marine education bases develop program modules suitable for application in schools across Taiwan, promoting collaborative efforts with marine education resource centers to develop local marine education.

The TMEC visited 17 marine education bases (8 in elementary schools, 4 in junior high schools, and 5 in senior high schools) between July and December 2020, commissioning experts with extensive experience in marine education promotion to establish a marine education innovation program and teaching consultation task force. The task force provides expert consultation and trial teaching on the basis of the program modules. One round of consultation across the 17 marine education bases has been completed.

The schools that serve as bases for marine education as promoted by the Ministry of Education are as follows: New Taipei City Bitou Elementary School, New Taipei City Yehliu Elementary School, New Taipei City Wan-Li Junior High School, New Taipei Municipal Hsin Tien Senior High School, Keelung Municipal Gungshi Elementary School, Keelung City Jian De Junior High School, Keelung City Badou Senior High School, National Keelung Senior High School, the Affiliated Keelung Maritime Senior High School of National Taiwan Ocean University, Taoyuan Municipal Chungli Junior High School, Miaoli County Sinpu Elementary School, Kaohisung Municipal Qianzhen Junior High School, Tainan City Kunshen Elementary School, Tainan Municipal South District Sishu Elementary School, Pingtung County Donggang Township Haibin Elementary School, and Penghu County He-Heng Primary School.

The main objectives of assistance were as follows:
(1) To understand national marine education policy development situations and promote module courses.

(2) To explore real-world situations and challenges concerning marine education promotion.

(3) To offer relevant consultation services.

(4) To collect and collate relevant suggestions to serve as a reference for the Ministry of Education in future policy implementation.

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