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2020 Marine Education Contribution Awards by the Ministry of Education

  A new marine era has begun, propelling the Taiwanese to pay their respects to the sea by cleaning the sea, understanding the sea, and becoming close to the sea; this illustrates the marine DNA in Taiwanese people. In an effort to honor those who are devoted in promoting marine education, the Ministry of Education held the inaugural Marine Education Contribution Awards Ceremony in 2019. In 2020, the Ministry of Education held the second Marine Education Contribution Awards Ceremony. Apart from recognizing individuals or entities that have made outstanding contributions to marine education, the Ministry hopes that the establishment of exemplary figures in marine education will attract more investment of resources and manpower in the field of marine education.

  Marine Education Contribution Awards includes categories for group, personal, local government, and course teaching team awards. After the appraisal and selection process, awards were presented to a total of 19 projects. The group award demonstrates that projects involved in education at schools and in sponsorship are both beneficial for promoting marine education; the influences of both types of project are profound; the recipients of the group award were Taiwan Association for Marine Environmental Education, Pacific Star Group, and Jin-Hung Cultural and Educational Foundation. Recipientsof the personal award must exhibit long-term personal contributions to marine education, and their efforts should enable marine education to consistently shine in the social and educational fields; the recipients of the personal award were Mr. Chang Ching-fong of National Taiwan Ocean University, Ms. Chang Chin-hsia from Yehliu Primary School, New Taipei City, Mr. Hsu Chi-che from Keelung Municipal Jian De Junior High School, Mr. Yeh Tien-wen from Penghu County Bai-Sha Junior High School, and Mr. Guan Jia-wei of Universal Development Corporation. The Local Government Award is presented to local government teams that can fully integrate available resources in developing unique marine education courses and promoting diverse experiential marine activities; the local government teams that were awarded were the New Taipei City team, Tainan City team, and Penghu County team. The Course Teaching Team Award is presented to teaching teams that fully combine unique local cultural and natural features in developing marine-themed courses that are sustainable, feasible, and unique; recipients of this award were four elementary school teams, two junior high school teams, and two conventional or vocational high school teams.

  The recipients of the 2020 Marine Education Contribution Awards included corporations, legal foundations, elementary school teachers and principals, university professors, and entrepreneurs; the wide range of recipients illustrates the diversity of marine education in Taiwan. Penghu County was awarded the Local Government Award Personal Award, and Course Teaching Team Award in the elementary school and conventional and vocational high school categories. Such outstanding results obtained by Penghu County illustrate the enriched results it has achieved through long-term “deep plowing” and the cultivation of marine education.The efforts of the Penghu County team are exemplary and can serve as an example for others.

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