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Innovative Marine Education Lesson Plan Competition 2020

  Commissioned by the K-12 Education Administration, the Taiwan Marine Education Center organized the 2020 Selection of Exceptional Groups Promoting Innovative Marine Education event. Elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school teachers were encouraged to work as a team to implement interdisciplinary education and incorporate marine education topics into courses in various fields. Through interschool cooperation and the resource integration of multiple parties, these schools provide learners with the opportunity to explore the ocean and develop ocean care awareness. After one year of promotion, this selection event entered its second year in 2020. Participating schools were well prepared this year, developing various marine courses through local, unique resources. Each participating team demonstrated great passion for teaching, spirit of teamwork, and determination as strong as the ocean tide.

  After multiple rounds of review and discussion by the panel of judges, 17, 7, and 6 winners were selected from the elementary school, junior high school, and senior/vocational high school groups, respectively. Notably, more exceptional teacher groups that have long implemented marine education courses received public attention. Specifically, they were recognized for their efforts in brainstorming various innovative lesson plans and overcoming on-site teaching challenges. Even the second-time winners stayed true to their original aspiration, refined their teaching content, and created a more comprehensive overall learning mechanism. These teachers endeavor to contribute to the future of the marine ecosystem.

  The K-12 Education Administration submitted the list of outstanding award winners to the Ministry of Education, which organized a ceremony entitled the Marine Education Contribution Awards to honor them. At the ceremony venue, winner marine teaching portfolios, teaching experiences, and achievements were shared with the attendants.

Winners of the 2020 Outstanding Award for Exceptional Groups Promoting Innovative Marine Education

Project title


Elementary school group

SS Ocean Expedition

Keelung Municipal Ren Ai Elementary School (in Ren'ai District)

Cruise with Hsin-Da & Happy Journey with Shalun: learning about the marine plant red mangrove through co-creation

  1. Kaohsiung Municipal Hsin-Da Elementary School (in Jiading District)
  2. Kaohsiung Municipal Shalun Elementary School (in Jiading District)

Turtle Utopia × Wang’an Rocking the World: Creating a Dream Island of Green Sea turtles

Wangan Primary School (in Wang'an Township of Penghu County)

Writing Ning-jing History with bamboo brush in Chu-Hu marine log

Kaohsiung Municipal Chu-Hu Elementary (in Lu Chu District)

Junior high school group

Children of the Sea: Respect for the Sea, Beach Cleaning, and Meditation

Taipei Min-Quan Junior High School

Implementation of Marine Education in Northern Datun Mountain

New Taipei Municipal Sanzhi Junior High School

Senior high school group

Teenage Pirates of the Wind Island

National Magong High School

How Good is the Sea? Introduction to Marine Environment and Resources

Keelung Municipal Anle Senior High School

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A complete list of winners of the 2020 Outstanding Award for Exceptional Groups Promoting Innovative Marine Education:


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