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Successful conclusion of the 2020 Marine Professionals Cultivation Forum

  In response to government- and policy-based emphasis on the ocean, the National Taiwan Marine Education Center organized the 2020 Marine Professionals Cultivation Forum on August 19, 2020. With the theme “Teaching and Practice of Marine Education,” the forum aimed to cultivate professionals who promote marine education and focused on discussing three major directions of development, namely (1) strategy and experience in marine education promotion, (2) school-based curriculum design and promotion, and (3) guidelines for implementing the Satoyama and Satoumi Initiatives.

  In the panel discussion, experience exchange and sharing was conducted as a symposium. Specifically, the organizer invited Lin Yen-ling, who compiles marine conservation teaching materials and serves as the principal of Fenggui Elementary School in Penghu County; the Niaoyu Elementary School teacher team, which implements school-based specialized courses on octopus; the teacher team of Yeliou Elementary School near Yehliu Geopark at Wanli District of New Taipei City; and the teacher team of Youngji Junior High School, which is landlocked and located in the center of Taipei City, that delivers specialized marine courses to discuss the following topics: the central tenet and purpose of marine education, significant events during marine education promotion, how promotional directions are decided, how the effectiveness of marine education promotion is evaluated, and suggestions and expectations for the present state of marine education.

  Three hands-on marine education workshops were held. For the first workshop, isle.Travel studio, established by Penghu youths, was invited to demonstrate stone tidal weir teaching materials. Through situated board games, players can understand the structure and construction of stone tidal weirs; such traditional wisdom can thereby be passed on to the next generation. In the second workshop, the O2 Lab craft team, which has long performed beach cleaning in Penghu, was invited to showcase their creative process of turning marine debris into art. Their philosophy of “Cleaning-up is not the way. Reducing is The Only way” was delivered. In the third workshop, representatives of the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium and the Ocean Free club of Pingtung Dong Gang Senior High School were invited to share the experience of establishing a high school student club to promote marine education and incorporating public facility resources. The three workshops may inspire attendants to think about various possibilities for promoting marine education.

  The forum brought together outstanding schools, teacher teams, and teachers excelling in the promotion of marine education from 22 counties and cities across the country, attracting a total of 276 attendants. Through diverse activities and action strategies, the forum organizer sought to amplify the capacity of marine education promotion and ensure sustainable marine development, thereby providing Taiwan with an unlimited future because of its close connection with the ocean.

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