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  The Taiwan Marine Education Center has collaborated with illustrator Baozi Chen to create the Forest-River-Fields-Sea educational concept map. This map aims to convey the balanced sustainable development of "ecology, life, and production" through expressive imagery, focusing on the concept of ecosystem services. It emphasizes the interconnections between forests, rivers, and sea, and their impact on human settlements. The image contains rich elements, and our center provides both text-free and text versions for flexible use in teaching. We encourage everyone to use their imagination to think about how different images connect to various aspects of the forest, river, and sea, or to focus on different elements in the text version to further consider their meanings.

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Producer:Director CHANG,CHENG-CHIEH、Section Chief TSAI,LIANG-TING
Executive director:Assistant Research Fellow HUNG, LING-YA
Planning executive:Project Assistant LIN,MEI-CHUN、Project Assistant SUNG,YU-HSUAN、Project Assistant CHEN,KE-LEI
Designer:Baozi Chen
Validation consultant:Chen Yen-Ling, Marine Educator