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  Taiwan Marine Education Center in collaboration with the paper art studio Paper Toy presents common cephalopods in fish markets using 3D cards. The cephalopod 3D cards are solely for educational purposes and may not be modified or used for profit.

※Recommended print size: A4 with 120 to 250-lb cardstock papers.
※If you wish to print 3D cards in large quantities, please contact us with a letter to confirm the relevant authorization.

Producer:Director CHANG,CHENG-CHIEH
Executive director:Assistant Research Fellow CHAO,HSIU-YI、Assistant Research Fellow HUNG, LING-YA
Planning executive:Project Assistant LIN,MEI-CHUN、Project Assistant KUO,CHIA-YU、Project Assistant SUNG,YU-HSUAN
Paper art designer:Paper Toy
Validation consultant:LIN,CHUN-YEN,Researcher of Taiwan Association Association for Marine Environmental Education、CHEN MEI-CHING,educational affairs director of National Taipei University of Education Experimental Elementary School