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The 2024 Marine Education Achievements Poster Exchange Exhibition between High School Students from Taiwan and Japan

Project Assistant:SUNG,YU-HSUAN

  On March 7th, teachers and students from Wakasa High School in Fukui Prefecture, Japan, visited the National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU). Serving as a conduit, the Taiwan Marine Education Center facilitated a gathering of nearly 80 high school students from Anle High School in Keelung City, Nuannuan High School in Keelung City, Xindian High School in New Taipei City, and National Keelung High School. These students engaged in an exchange of their research findings in the marine domain through poster presentations and group discussions. The event also featured insightful critiques by two esteemed scholars: Dr. Sheng-Wen Tseng, Head of the Department of Marine Cultural and Creative Design Industry Bachelor's Degree Program at NTOU, and Dr. Takashi Matsuoka from the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences at Kagoshima University in Japan.

  Wakasa High School in Japan has long been dedicated to advancing marine education through innovative teaching methods and extensive practical activities, thereby inspiring students' interest and passion for marine science. Wakasa High School has engaged in numerous educational and research exchanges with the TMEC. During this visit to Taiwan, Wakasa High School aimed to share their achievements and experience in marine education outside the classroom setting with Taiwanese peers and to enable Taiwanese and Japanese high school students to jointly explore topics related to marine conservation and sustainable development.

  During the event, both Taiwanese and Japanese high school students presented their research findings on topics such as marine ecological surveys, utilization of marine resources, and innovations in the application of marine technology. These presentations showcased their learning achievements in marine education. Although communication was conducted in English, which is not their native language, the students were highly engaged and demonstrated their interest and enthusiasm for the ocean. Experts and scholars affirmed the students' research outcomes and the quality of their presentations. This event not only facilitated cultural exchange and friendship between high school students from Japan and Taiwan, but also deepened their understanding of the ocean and highlighted the importance of marine education.

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