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2023 Marine Education Contribution Award Ceremony for a sustainable ocean

Project Assistant:CHEN,CHUN-DA

  On December 5, 2023, National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) hosted the Marine Education Contribution Award Ceremony under the commission by the Ministry of Education. Marine educators across Taiwan gathered at the National Museum of Marine Science & Technology, where Minister of Education Pan Wen-Chung personally presented 16 awards across four categories. In addition to the objective of recognizing the outstanding contributions of marine education promoters, the award ceremony has been hosted to enhance the promotion of marine education through the inheritance, innovation, and dissemination of marine knowledge by exemplary individuals, thereby encouraging the private sector to invest resources in marine education, work collaboratively to promote it, and consistently update themselves on the trends pertaining to sustainable oceans.

  This year marks the fifth edition of the Marine Education Contribution Award Ceremony. Through the ceremony, Minister Pan hopes to establish a model for promoting marine education and inspiring the development of diverse and innovative marine education promotion models and strategies. In his opening speech, NTOU President Tai-Wen Hsu expressed that the Taiwan Marine Education Center (TMEC) has assisted the Ministry of Education in organizing the award ceremony since 2018, with the aim of recognizing groups, individuals, local governments, and educator teams for their efforts in promoting marine education and encouraging private companies to invest resources into marine education. President Hsu personally thanked the marine education promoters for their dedication in spreading marine education over the years. He also expressed that his intention of inviting more individuals from all walks of life to engage in collaborative efforts to promote marine education. NTOU will continue to work alongside marine educators.

  The List of Winners of the Ministry of Education’s 2023 Marine Education Contribution Awards has been published on the TMEC website under the section dedicated to these awards. The TMEC looks forward to inviting more groups, individuals, local governments, and educator teams to join the ranks of marine education promoters and further reinforce marine education across Taiwan.

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