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TMEC visits Ocean Policy Research Institute to promote Taiwan–Japan marine education collaboration

Project Assistant:SUNG,YU-HSUAN

  In November 2023, Director Cheng-Chieh Chang, Section Chief Liang-Ting Tsai, and Assistant Research Fellow Lin-Ya Hung of the Taiwan Marine Education Center (TMEC) visited the Ocean Policy Research Institute (OPRI) in Japan, where they discussed the latest developments in marine education and prospects for collaborations between the TMEC and OPRI with President Hide Sakaguchi and Researchers Sachiko Oguma and Chun-Yang Huang.

  The OPRI is a Japanese think tank that focuses on ocean policy, law, and environment research, and it is committed to promoting sustainable marine development worldwide. By integrating natural and social science research, the OPRI analyzes problems and provides feasible policy recommendations. It also endeavors to foster professionals in sustainable marine development and environmental protection and to support schools across Japan in promoting marine education.

  During the visit, the TMEC representatives engaged in in-depth discussions with Sachiko Oguma, an OPRI researcher who is responsible for the Pioneer School Program (PSP), regarding student exchanges, teacher visits, and research support.

  The PSP shares similar characteristics with the Taiwan Marine Education School. Teachers from the PSP and Taiwan Marine Education School can engage in exchanges to learn about the advantages of the marine education courses conducted in Taiwan and Japan, thereby facilitating student exchanges. Marine education experts and scholars can also be invited to conduct lectures to share the characteristics and outcomes of marine education in both countries. Through exchanges and collaboration, local and international marine education can be simultaneously promoted in Taiwan and Japan.

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