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2023 Marine Career Experimental Teaching Tour

Project Assistant:KUO,CHIA-YU

  Taiwan is a typical island country with rich and diverse marine resources. Against the backdrop of rapidly changing international trends and industrial development, the Taiwan Marine Education Center (TMEC) sought to educate Taiwanese people on the marine industry and to increase their exposure to it. The center pursued these objectives by providing opportunities for students to acquire more knowledge about the ocean and  broaden their horizon through marine career exploration, enabling them to learn about suitable career development paths and opportunities.

  Since 2017, the TMEC has been conducting on-campus marine career lectures across the counties and cities of Taiwan every year. In total, 52 career lectures attended by 4,000 teachers and students were hosted in 2023. The TMEC has collaborated with prospective lecturers to present information about the marine industry at schools by using the teaching package and aids developed by the TMEC. These lecturers also introduced marine careers on the basis of the geographical environments of schools, the life experiences of students, and the characteristics of local marine industries, enabling students to understand the connection of their career and personal lives with the ocean and the local marine industries of Taiwan. Additionally, the TMEC invited marine professionals, specialists, and experts to share their professional experience and introduce their workplace environments through sharing sessions held in schools. They also answered the questions of students regarding marine careers.

  Through marine career lectures, the TMEC educates teachers and students on the diverse marine industries and careers in Taiwan. The center also looks forward to providing students with opportunities to explore their own career paths, interests, abilities, and personality traits, guiding them toward a future direction that best suits them.


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