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Results of 2023 Marine Science Popularization and Climate Change Seminars

Project Assistant:CHANG, YAN-LING

  The 2023 Marine Science Popularization and Climate Change Publicity Seminars were based on the five major themes on marine education as outlined in the Manual for Integrating Educational Topics for Elementary, Junior High, and General Senior High Schools in the Curriculum Guidelines of 12Year Basic Education released by the National Academy for Educational Research. In response to the declaration by the United Nations that the years 2021–2030 are the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, topics related to climate change have been gradually incorporated into the educational materials developed by the Taiwan Marine Education Center (TMEC). The seminar focused on five major themes, namely “Marine Disaster Prevention and Maritime Safety,” “Marine Culture and Society,” “Marine Science and Technology,” “Marine Resources and Sustainability,” and “Climate Change and Development.” Lecturers with relevant academic backgrounds and experience in promotional education were invited to share their insights at school. From April 26 to November 21, 2023, a total of 30 seminars, attended by 3,432 participants, were hosted.

  To raise ocean awareness among the public, the TMEC promoted marine science knowledge by developing science education packages, compiling books on ocean literacy, and authoring popular science articles from 2016 onward. For three consecutive years since 2020, the TMEC has also been sharing marine science knowledge with elementary, junior high, and senior school students through lectures. The on-campus lectures conducted this year have been well received by teachers and students across Taiwan, and the TMEC looks forward to continuing its efforts to promote science knowledge through lectures that can enhance the ocean literacy of all Taiwanese people.

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