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The 2023 Marine Professionals Training Forum

Project Assistant:CHANG, YAN-LING

  To support the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021–2030), the Taiwan Marine Education Center held the 2023 Marine Professionals Training Forum on August 18, 2023. Guided by the themes of “Sustainable Marine Education in the Classroom: Emerging Waves of Education” and “Current State and Future Prospects of Marine Resource Assessment and Sustainability Education,” the forum featured Kuo Ting-chun (assistant professor at the Institute of Marine Affairs and Resource Management, National Taiwan Ocean University) as the speaker. Kuo delivered a keynote speech on the current state of marine resource and the developmental possibility of sustainability education in the future.

  A seminar with the theme of “Marine Education in the Classroom: Sharing of Marine Sustainability Teaching Experiences (Thoughts, Reflections, and Actions)” was conducted, where teaching teams from three schools situated at a distance from the coast were invited. These teams were the Taipei Municipal Wanfang Elementary School team (represented by teacher Chiu Hui-ju; the school was recognized as a sustainable marine education school in 2022), the Taipei Chongqing Junior High School team (represented teachers Lu Yi-ping and Chou Ping-hsiang; Chou is from Taipei Municipal Jingxing Junior High School), and the New Taipei Municipal Hsin Tien Senior High School team (represented by teachers Chen Cheng-chang and Shih Wei-chao; the school also won the Marine Education Contribution Awards and High-Quality Marine Education Team Award). These teaching teams shared with the forum participants (i.e., teachers attending the forum on-site) their experiences with integrating marine sustainability topics in classrooms.

  Finally, officials from the Ministry of Education Department of Planning and K-12 Education Administration (Elementary, Junior High, and Senior High School Sections) participated in a comprehensive symposium, providing their suggestions on how to integrate sustainable development goals into marine and outdoor education policies. Approximately 160 individuals, who comprised marine education school teams and teachers from 22 cities and counties, participated in the forum. The goal of the forum was for speakers to share their experiences with the forum participants and provide their insights on marine sustainability education for schools situated at a distance from the coast, thereby facilitating speaker–participant communication and interactions and raising awareness of sustainable marine education among educators.


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