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Green/Beginner Level Marine Educator Training Program

Project Assistant:CHANG,WEI-LUN

  Tainan City Outdoor and Marine Education Center held a Green/Beginner Level Marine Educator Training Program on March 11 and 12, 2023. The first part of the event included a discussion between two distinguished guests: He Hsuan-ching, a researcher and expert in fish taxonomy from the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, and Li Tsung-ming, a state banquet chef who specializes in Taiwan tilapia cuisine, each of whom took turns presenting information about fish anatomy, environmentally-friendly aquaculture, and fish cuisine, discussing the topics together in a reciprocal exchange, with the knowledge being consumed and digested to form the nutrients for the development of a marine education curriculum. The next part of the program was hosted by Taijiang Wetland School, who provided information about how the landscape of the Taijiang lagoons has changed over time and how the local people have adapted their lifestyle, industry, diet, and culture to the environment. The program included a visit to a watermelon farm belonging to the local people of the area. During the visit, program participants were shown how the farmers have adapted their farming techniques to deal with the high salinity of the coastal soil. Participants discussed environmental issues such as flooding and solar farms in coastal areas. At the end of the 2-day program, Tung Lin-chien, who specializes in environmental resource management and who has designed several innovative teaching resources, led the participants to review the knowledge acquired during the program. Each group selected sections that interested them and developed the sections into marine education activities, sharing feedback with the other groups. The participants found the discussions and brainstorming activity so engaging that they did not want to take a break during recess and instead remained in the classroom to continue talking about ways to access and apply marine education resources in the future.

  The Taiwan Marine Education Center developed the marine educator training programs, and the Green/Beginner Level Marine Educator Training Program was developed to attract citizens to participate in the promotion of marine education. The framework of the Green/Beginner Level Marine Educator Training Program has been introduced into each city and county and the program planned by Tainan City Outdoor and Marine Education Center successfully achieved its goal of stimulating the passion of the program participants for marine service and expanding marine thinking. From April to May, Taiwan Marine Education Center, Taichung City, and Kaohsiung City will each host a Green/Beginner Level Marine Educator Training Program, and the programs will differ depending on local resource planning. For those interested in becoming a marine education promotion teacher, please refer to the information available on the National Teacher In-Service Education Information Web.


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