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2022 Marine Education Contribution Awards: Educators United in the Promotion of Marine Education

Project Assistant:CHEN,CHUN-DA

  On November 29, National Taiwan Ocean University hosted the 2022 Marine Education Contribution Awards ceremony on behalf of the Ministry of Education. Marine educators from all over the country gathered in the National Central Library and witnessed Minister of Education Wen-Chung Pan present 17 awards across four categories. A display area was set up to showcase the achievements of the award recipients. In addition to acknowledging the exceptional contributions of marine educators, the awards also serve to establish, update, and promote a paradigm that unites marine educators and fosters the development of marine education.

  Since 2013, Taiwan Marine Education Center has been developing sustainable marine education programs in line with national marine education policies, actively engaging in cross-domain collaboration with relevant agencies, strengthening ties with international organizations, and integrating domestic and overseas educational resources and systems. Since 2019, the Center has assisted the Ministry of Education in organizing the Marine Education Contribution Awards, which acknowledge the works of individuals, groups, local governments, and educational institutions dedicated to marine education and encourage the private sector to invest additional resources in marine education. The awards have now reached their fourth year as a result of the dedicated work of all the award recipients. Their work to ensure the sustainable development of the ocean has enabled marine education to take root and flourish in Taiwan, and perhaps one day, Taiwan will be the leader in this field. National Taiwan Ocean University implements cooperative initiatives with marine educators, promoting Taiwan’s marine education philosophy internationally.

  The list of award recipients of the Ministry of Education’s 2022 Marine Education Contribution Awards has been uploaded to the Marine Education Contribution Awards section of Taiwan Marine Education Center’s website and is available for download (https://tmec.ntou.edu.tw/p/412-1016-10581.php?Lang=zh-tw). We look forward to more corporations, voluntary organizations, educational institutions, local governmental agencies, and citizens interested in marine education joining our cause and promoting the sustainable development of the ocean.

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