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Step Outdoors and Have a Closer Look at the Ocean! NTOU integrates local resources

Project Assistant:CHEN,KE-LEI

  The Ministry of Education subsidized National Taiwan Ocean University to form the Taiwan Marine Education Center (TMEC), endowing the university with the responsibility to promote sustainable marine education. On January 26, TMEC opened an online conference, the 2020 Annual National Promotion of Marine and Outdoor Education. TMEC director Cheng-chieh Chang remarked that TMEC has assisted the K-12 Education Administration in integrating outdoor and marine education since the 2021 Academic Year to establish a sustainable system of outdoor and marine education development. In addition to assisting local governments in integrating and applying resources, TMEC has established relevant operation systems with substantial benefits. Through school curricula, TMEC has also encouraged students to form connections with mountains, lakes, rivers, wetlands, and oceans at their places of residence, thereby cultivating the personal quality of spontaneity, interactivity, and sharing.

  The relevant units in charge of marine and outdoor education from the departments of education, teacher representatives of universities and centers , and experts from social education offices and higher education institutions across the 22 counties and cities of Taiwan took part in the online conference. They were also joined by the representatives of the Department of Overall Planning, K-12 Education Administration, and Ocean Affairs Council. In the conference, TMEC promoted the operations pertinent to marine and outdoor education and shared with the participants the new national marine education route map.

  According to TMEC, the K-12 Education Administration has been integrating operations pertaining to marine and outdoor education since the 2021 Academic Year, establishing centers of outdoor and marine education across counties and cities. These centers have organized the selection of innovative teaching teams for marine education, Outstanding Outdoor Education Achievement Awards, and lesson plan selection and workshops for marine education. TMEC has also assisted the Ministry of Education in setting up 25 Research and Development Bases for Innovative Marine Education Curriculum and Teaching and 12 Outdoor Education Bases nationwide. Furthermore, it has actively planned the routes for marine and outdoor education across Taiwan and endeavored to inventory and provide rich teaching resources for teachers and students to form close connections with the ocean, thereby expanding their learning sites and diversifying their learning content.

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