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Taiwan Marine Education Center and Wakasa High School, Fukui ken, Japan signed a MOU

Project Assistant:SUNG,YU-HSUAN

  Dr. Cheng-Chieh Chang, Director of the Taiwan Marine Education Center, went to Japan recently to sign a MOU with Wakasa High School, Fukui ken, to conduct a research project with the National Science and Technology Council. Through the establishment of this partnership, it will promote the exchange of marine education between Taiwan and Japan, and help conduct analysis and research about the marine literacy of Taiwanese and Japanese students.

  Wakasa High School has a history of 125 years, established in 1897. Because the school's geographical location is close to Wakasa Bay and connected to the Sea of Japan, the school established a department of Marine Science to enable students to learn about aquatic products processing, marine science, and marine resources through inquiry and practical courses, and cooperate with Fukui Prefectural University teachers to develop students' professional abilities and train talent needed in the region through tutoring and internships. Since 2018, the Taiwan Marine Education Center of the University has regularly conducted seminars on the current situation of international marine education with Wakasa High School teachers, as well as sponsored exchanges to discuss the current situation of marine education in Taiwan and Japan. We hope that through the signing of the MOU, exchanges and cooperation such as teachers in-service education, research investigations, and interactive visits will be strengthened.

  This MOU was signed by Dr. Cheng-Chieh Chang, Director of the Taiwan Marine Education Center, and Principal Kitamura Tetsu, Wakasa High School, who exchanged commemorative gifts, a souvenir of NTOU, provided by President Tai-Wen Hsu at the signing ceremony. “The signing of the MOU this time represents that the Center has added an important partner on the road to promote marine education, which can enhance the sustainable development of marine education in our country, and enhance the foundation for the development of marine professionals. We hope that education can inspire students, and create a desire to protect the oceans, and they take sustainable oceans as an important ambition,” Dr. Cheng-Chieh Chang, Director of the Taiwan Marine Education Center, said. “Wakasa High School is connected to Taiwan through the ocean. The ocean is shared by the whole world, and requires everyone to work together. The original intention of the school's Marine Science Department is to hope that children will learn about the ocean, and then connect with the world, and develop a sense of environmental protection,” Principal Kitamura Tetsu, Wakasa High School said.

  After the signing ceremony, staff of the Taiwan Marine Education Center visited the classes, teaching, and having conversations with the teachers of the Marine Science Department, Wakasa High School. They presented the willingness of NTOU to have an exchange of marine professional knowledge with Wakasa High School, and welcomes their students to consider NTOU as one of their further education options. They also visited Fukui Prefectural University which has the same geographic environment as FPU.

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