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2022 Teachers’ Career Exploration and Development Training Program: A Two-Stage Program Incorporating Online Empowerment and Offline Visits

Project Assistant:KUO,CHIA-YU

    This year, the two-stage (online empowerment and field trip) teacher training program organized by the Taiwan Marine Education Center focused on marine sports (diving) and recreational fishery (sport fishing). We invited Yen-Chen Huang, the former Chair of the Department of Marine Leisure and Tourism Management, Taipei University of Marine Technology, to talk about Taiwan’s diverse marine leisure and tourism industry. The well-structured presentation by Ms. Huang enabled the attending teachers to understand Taiwan’s marine tourism potential. For insights into the diving industry, we invited Dylan Chen, the Chief Executive Officer of the Taiwan Dive Center, to share his experience in this industry and explain the strengths of Taiwan’s diving industry. To learn about recreational fishery, we invited Tsung-Chin Chan (President of the Taiwan Anglers Association in Taichung) and Liang-Jen Chang (President of the Okuma Center, which specializes in fishing gear) to share their knowledge on the current state of Taiwan’s sport fishing and fishing gear industry. Their visions regarding the development of ocean-friendly industries reflected their love for the ocean and helped the teachers to gain a positive and in-depth understanding of the ocean and pass it on to their students. Taiwan is rich in marine resources that can support a diverse marine leisure and tourism industry, and our citizen should learn to love and care for our marine environment.

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