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Successful Completion of Marine Educator Training Courses 2019

This Year’s  Marine Educator Training Courses Have Concluded. We Hope to See You Next Year!

The only Green Level (Beginner) Marine Educator Training Course to take place at an outlying island was organized by the Penghu Marine Education Resource Center (Fenggui Elementary School). Held on September 6 and 7, the course leveraged local resources – the teaching staff and venues of National Penghu University of Science and Technology – and incorporated theoretical knowledge with fieldwork. The course made use of opportunities available before the end of summer, and arranged for canoeing and snorkeling activities to observe marine life in Penghu. Additionally, lecturers based in Penghu Island were invited to conduct the course. By introducing new educational activities, they enriched the existing curriculum for marine education.

On October 20 and 21, another round of Green Level (Beginner) training was conducted at the National Marine Science and Technology Museum. Organized by the New Taipei City Education Bureau and supported by Laomei Elementary School, the course made advantageous use of the museum’s resources. In particular, the learning activities offered by the Marine Science Learning Center and Public Science Week relating to water safety and experiential course design enabled the museum to expand its educational reach into more schools, thereby allowing more students to learn about the oceans.

The final Green Level (Beginner) training course of the year was held on November 15 and 16 at Dapeng Bay, Donggang, Pingtung County. Organized by the Pingtung Marine Education Resource Center (Kenting Elementary School), the course centered on the fishery industry in Donggang. Topics on overfishing and sustainable seafood were discussed, as well as the trendy issue of marine waste. The course also arranged for art-making activities and the unique sailing experience at Dapeng Bay.

What was more spectacular about this particular Green Level (Beginner) course was that the course coordinator, Mr Chien Jung K’ai, had immediately put into action the training goals of the Blue Level (Advanced) training course after completing the course in August this year. The marine education activities organized attracted more teachers to participate. Thus, this Green Level (Beginner) course could be deemed as the successful demonstration of the Blue Level (Advanced) course objectives.

The marine educator training courses for this year have concluded. In the first half of next year, the new line-up of Green Level (Beginner) Marine Educator Training Courses will begin with countries and cities which have yet to host the courses. There will also be Blue Level (Advanced) courses and review sessions for Green Level (Beginner) Marine educators. Stay tuned!


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