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2019 level 2( Blue )marine educator training course

The “2019 level 1(green)marine educator training course” developed by the Taiwan Marine Education Center aims to attract more teachers/public to be engaged in marine education, and provide professional knowledge and skills to participants of the  level 1(green) marine education and those with experiences in promoting marine education.

 The “2019  level 2(blue) marine educator training course”, hosted by our center in cooperation with the NMMBA, will be held from Aug 5 to Aug 8. The participation quota for the course is 28, will more than 56 teachers have registered.  

At the beginning of the course, the community leaders led all trainees to get familiar with each other to inspire enthusiasm for learning together and establish training goals. Then, the backstage courses of the wetland Park, including the Aquarium Experiment Center and the Specimen Collection Room, were used, accompanied by professional introduction by the NMMBA researchers to allow the trainees to learn more ocean-related knowledge. Meanwhile, local resources such as land crab observation and marine fossils were arranged to provide rich and diverse learning experiences for participants. The NMMBA person who proposed the idea of mobile display box was invited to make a demonstration. Also, to enable the trainees to with ability to host activities, lecturers shared the games and series of activities developed in Yehliu Geopark. These activities inspired teaching imaginations of the trainees.

The 4 day 3 night course was a highly compacted one. In order to prepare for the presentation on the last day, trainees devoted themselves in planning teaching or activity plan at nights using the knowledge learned in these days to continue the environmental ethics values emphasized by the lecturers, and the spirit of resource integration, communication, coordination, and community leadership could be found, which best presented the training course content.

In addition to the level 2(blue) marine educator training course, the level 1(green) marine educator re-training course was first held in cooperation with the National Taiwan Museum (NTM) on Sep. 20, with over 20 green level marine educators participating. The first half of the course extended the theme of fish-eating culture of the "Sustainable New Year eve dinner", with professionals and teachers with teaching experiences invited to share their experiences. In the second half of the course, green level marine educators were arranged to present the results of marine education promotion and the facing dilemma was discussed to find the solutions.

In the future, our center will continue to deliver training courses for marine educators and implement grading training and operation mechanism. We hope that everyone can come to register for the training course and be engaged in the marine education promotion activities.


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