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2019 level 1(Green) Marine Educator Training Course (part 2)

    Focusing on the theme of economy and marine culture, the Taipei City Ocean Resource Center- GuanDu Elementary School held a 3 day-2 night green level training course from May 31 to June 2. It included a field visit to the Keelung Kanziding Fish Market at 2 a.m., an experience sharing session by the Hiin Studio in travelling around the island and beach cleaning, and guidance by the ocean teachers of the GuanDu Elementary School for course design by trainees through “a tour study on river and ocean”. This class was open to people who are not teachers but interested in marine education. Indeed, Japanese chefs and diving instructors are involved in the teaching design with eating fish and leisure activities as the cutting points in cooperation with the school teachers to develop a brilliant teaching design.

The Hualien county session of June 29 and 30 was co-planned by the Hualien county Taiwan Marine Education Center-Shinshe elementary school, and the Environmental Education Center-Fengbin Junior High School. On the first day, the lecturer enabled the trainees to understand the marine environment in Hualien area via canoeing and snorkeling activities. Ecological observation and conservation issues were incorporated and the session involved discussion of the conflict between the Coastal Zone Management Act and marine leisure activities. On the second day, the trainees visited the river near the Shinshe elementary school to observe migratory creatures and investigated the crisis they faced and its impact on marine ecology. Finally, a visiting teacher of the Shin-She elementary school led everyone to recall the most impressive ocean impressions in these two days. In conjunction with ”the second ocean poetry creation selection campaign”, the trainees were encouraged to create a poem and design an interesting marine issue-based course.

Aiming to introduce the hall resources by cooperating with marine education related social halls to enable the participating teachers to better use the teaching materials through co-organization of teacher training sessions, our center held a green level training course in cooperation with the National Museum of Natural Science on July 20 and 21, and invited the Taichung Marine Education Resource Center to co-organize this event. The marine service course on the first day was delivered by the Society of Wilderness-Taichung branch, which led beach cleaning activities and discussions of the plastic-reduction issue, with thanks going to the Coast Guard Administration for security and water safety.

For the intertidal zone-based biology observation of the pro-ocean course, a senior specimen collection teacher from the National Museum of Natural Science was invited to lead the activities, and seashore plant commentary and crab cart of the EIET game commentary camp were involved to deepen the participants’ understanding of the coastal environment in the central region. On the second day, the participants performed an in-depth exploration of the marine education resources of the National Museum of Science and Technology, including the theater classroom of curiosities and wonders and the environmental theater. In this class, more than half of the trainees are teacher training students. It is expected that different ocean knowledge delivered in the two-day activities can touch their hearts and trigger their interest in marine education teaching.

For those who participated in the training course and are willing to serve as a marine education teacher, our center hopes to enhance their professional knowledge through a “Blue level/advanced level marine educator training course”, which would be held at the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium from Aug. 5 to Aug. 8. Teachers who are interested are advised to pay attention to the webpage or FB fan page of “Marine Educator” of the Taiwan Marine Education Center to get the first-hand registration information.


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