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2019 Tour exhibition for popular science picture books

  The Taiwan Marine Education Center held a marine popular science picture book competition in 2018, and 24 outstanding works were selected. In 2017, the Center held 4 sessions of tour promotion activities in the northern, central and southern areas, attracting great public attention and further inspiring their motivation of reading and knowing marine popular science. Aiming to provide more opportunities for teachers, students and the public to access and appreciate the creation of excellent marine popular science books, the 2019 Marine Education Week will focus on the promotion of marine popular science books in combination with different types of promotional activities to continuously expand the utilization benefits, thereby enhancing the marine popular science knowledge of the public.

In coordination with the academic calendars of schools at all levels, the Taiwan Marine Education Center successively held 14 sessions of exhibition of marine popular science picture books in local schools and social education halls in the northern, central, southern, and eastern areas (e.g., the National Museum of Science and Technology, the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium and the National Taiwan Science Education Center) in March 2019 to August 2019. 24 prize-winning picture books were exhibited in conjunction with hanging scrolls for introducing the works, digital e-books and other materials. Moreover, the promotion of marine education, marine cultural transmission, marine academic research and the promotion of marine industry technology were displayed in the social education halls to provide visitors with different learning experiences enable better understanding of the marine popular science, and reduce the distance between the public and ocean. Meanwhile, in response to the UN's concept of "World Oceans Day", and in conjunction with the spirit of "Marine Education Week", the original copies of the prize-winning works were exhibited in the Ministry of Education in combination with Digital display design. These diverse and content-rich picture books conveyed teachers’ and students’ emphasis on issues such as climate warming, marine biology, and marine pollution and can help to promote excellent marine picture books to various educational corners and continuously  deepen and implement the promotion of marine education.


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