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2019 level 1(Green) Marine Educator Training Course (part 1)

 Under the support by the Ministry of Education, the level 1(green)marine education professional training course developed by the Taiwan Marine Education Center has been promoted to marine education centers of 10 counties and cities this year.

The level 1(green) training course developed by the Keelung City Marine Education Resource Center and the Heping Elementary school was held on March 27 and 28. It combines the slow tourism of Heping Island Park, professionals and resources of the National museum of marine science and technology and National Taiwan Ocean University, and inspires participation of Keelung marine education counseling teams and teachers from neighboring counties and cities.

The session on April 11 and 12 was planned by the Kaohsiung Marine Education Resource Center and the Kaohsiung Municipal Cisian Junior High School. The main event of the first day was the visit to the Taiwan Ocean Research Institute to understand the research content of marine scientists. On the second day, participants went to Linyuan Wetland for an ecological investigation to observe the upside-down jellyfish that only appears in spring.

The session planned by the Taoyuan City Marine Education Resources Center and the Yong-an Elementary School, was held on April 17 and 24 afternoons and April 25 full day to complete a 16 hour course, which aims to enhance discussion on the issues of coastal engineering, algae reefs and mangrove ecological conservation. This event also attracted the colleagues from the office of Coastal Administration Construction, Taoyuan.  

 This was the first year for the Sanlun Elementary School in Yunlin County to undertake the event by the Marine Education Resource Center. With the help of lecturers from the Taiwan Association for Marine Environmental Education, more than 40 teachers in the county were called together to explore the teaching materials on the Yunlin County Coastline at the San-Tiau-Luen beach park on April 25 and 26.

 The level 1(green) training courses planned by marine education resource centers of different counties and cities allowed the participating teachers to have a better understanding of the local marine education resources. Moreover, the experiencing teaching help them to design teaching plans that fit their respective teaching fields. In this way, the purpose of allowing level 1(green) marine education professionals to train marine education promotion teachers is achieved.

Next, Taipei city, Hualien county, Taichung city, Pingtung county, Penghu county and new Taipei city held conferences successively. Teachers who are interested are advised to follow the “marine educator” webpage or the Facebook fan page of the Taiwan Marine Education Center to have the first-hand registration information.

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