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Activity Results of the Award Ceremony for Popular Marine Science Picture Books

Results of the Award Ceremony of Popular Marine Science Picture Book Creation

1. Introduction

In response to the ideas of cherishing the ocean and sustaining ocean promoted by the “World Oceans Day,” and in order to guide teachers and students to care about issues related to the ocean, the Ministry of Education has since 2015 designated the week on which the World Oceans Day falls as the “Marine Education Week,” which is to encourage schools to strengthen courses or activities related to marine education in this week so as to continuously implement and promote marine education. On the premise of enhancing marine science literacy, the Ministry organized the event “Popular Marine Science Picture Book Creation” between March and December 2017, encouraging schools of all levels to organize activities that integrated popular marine science education in teaching designs. Through the teaching processes, teachers guided students to engage in “popular marine science picture book creation,” and practically implemented it in teaching, with a view to strengthening the application of popular marine science competence and its connection with life through combining popular marine science, and aesthetic and literary creations. This activity went through the procedures of preliminary, second, and final reviews, and 24 pieces of works were selected in March this year. Subsequently, works of popular marine science picture books will be displayed in the National Library of Public Information, Kaohsiung Public Library, and National Taiwan Ocean University so that more teachers, students and people can have the opportunity to know and appreciate excellent marine picture book creations, in the hope of stimulating public interest in exploring the oceans and arousing their awareness of the ocean, so that they can appreciate, cherish, and understand ocean.

2. Organizing Units

A.Organizer: Ministry of Education

B.Co-organizer: Taiwan Marine Education Center, National Taiwan Ocean University


A.Date: June 5, 2018 (Tuesday)

B.Venue: Great Hall, 5th Floor, Ministry of Education (5, Zhongshan South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City)

C.Activities Schedule






Opening performance “Sea of Melodious Pianos

Songs Played:

  1. The Ocean (Puyuma Singer Chen Chien-nian/lyrics and tune)

How far I’ll Go (Theme song of Disney animated film Moana)

1. Chiang I-fan/Hostess

2. Sea of Melodious Pianos Guitar Society/Performance team (5 people)


Introduction of Honorable Guests, and Address by Honorable Guests

1. Chiang I-fan/Hostess

2. Representative from Ministry of Education, NTOU President Chang Ching-Fong,  Director Chang Cheng-chieh and  Section Chief Chien YuTta of Taiwan Marine Education Center


Brief introduction of prize-winning works

1. Chiang I-fan/Hostess

2. Prize-winners sharing their creations:

(1) Works of High Distinction, Elementary School Group

A. The Small Giant of the Ocean – Foraminifera (Guang Rong Elementary School, Tainan City)

B. Requests of the Three Oyster Brothers (Huwei Elementary School, Yunlin county)

(2) Works of High Distinction, Junior High School School Group

A. My Impression of Paper Boats – Coast Types of Taiwan (Nantou County Nangang Junior High School)

B. SiBannaligan (Dou Liou Junior High School, Yunlin County)


Award Ceremony

1. Elementary School Group

2. Junior High School Group

3. Senior High and Vocational School Group

4. College Group

5. Teacher Group

6.  Group photo

1.  Chiang I-fan/Hostess

2. NTOU Good Will Ambassadors/Assisting in prize presentation (4 people)

(1) Elementary School Group (8 groups)

(2) Junior High School Group (8 groups)

(3) Senior High and Vocational School Group (2 groups)

(4) College Group (1 group)

(5) Teacher Group (5 groups)


End of Ceremony (open to media reporters for interview)

1. Chiang I-fan/Hostess

2. Guiding media reporters in interviewing prize-winners and introducing displayed works of picture books (staff from Taiwan Marine Education Center)

3. Participants taking photos with display boards.

4. Course of Organizing

 (1) Preparatory Work


Time of handling





March 30, 2018

Confirming the venue

In the work discussion in the meeting on March 30, the Great Hall, 5th Floor, Ministry of Education was confirmed as the venue for holding the “Popular Marine Science Picture Book Creation Selection” Awards Ceremony


April 9, 2018

Inviting prize-winning teams and determining the date for holding the awards ceremony

Invited the prize-winning teams of the 24 works, and listed several days in the Marine Week for them to choose from, so that the date the more teams could attend would be chosen as the date of the awards ceremony.


April 13, 2018

Contacting key visual design

The awards ceremony appointed the Chieh Ying Company to assist in devising visual designs and venue layout; also matter of materials needed was discussed.

Confirming the time of the awards ceremony

Collected reply letters from prize-winning teams, and after counting, the date more teams could participate was June 5 (2).


April 17, 2018

First field survey of the Great Hall on the 5th floor of the Ministry of Education

Measured the backboards of the Great Hall with manufacturers, and planning of hanging scrolls in the exhibition area, and decoration objects.


May 3, 2018

Confirming the font and font size of certificates

Except the teach group, each participant of the prize-winning teams in each group would receive a certificate, while instructors would receive a certificate of appreciation. The production of these certificates was entrusted to Shang Ta United Co. Ltd.


May 14, 2018

Second field survey of Great Hall on the 5th floor of the Ministry of Education

Confirmed the hardware equipment of the site and determined the location of the exhibition area


May 15, 2018

Trophy confirmation

Each person of the teacher group would receive a trophy, and the production was entrusted to the Medal Co. Ltd.


May 15, 2018

Confirming the attendance list of all teams

The attendance lists, number of people and transportation of prize-winning teams were confirmed.


May 30, 2018

Confirmation of materials

Final confirmation with Chieh Ying Company regarding the production of materials


June 4, 2018

Venue decoration

Colleagues of the Center went to the venue in the Ministry of Education at 1:00 p.m. to decorate the place.


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