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Salute the ocean—The 17 marine education bases in Taiwan are granted accreditation in National Taiwan Ocean University

  To improve marine literacy and promote marine education in Taiwan, the Ministry of Education, Taiwan commissioned the Taiwan Marine Education Center, National Taiwan Ocean University to develop marine education innovation courses and teaching, research, and development bases in various cities and counties. The accreditation ceremony was held on June 30th, and 17 elementary and high schools became advocates for marine education development.

  National Taiwan Ocean University stated that in response to the Marine Education Policy White Paper and to promote marine education development and observe National Ocean Day, the Taiwan Marine Education Center developed the courses and bases in eight elementary schools, four junior high schools, and five senior high schools this year. The courses and bases use fundamental marine knowledge as the foundation to incorporate marine education into courses and instructions and teacher training programs. In addition, essential development course modules for marine education were adopted to implement marine education programs and to enhance learning performance.

  With the aim of using technological resources effectively, cultivating excellent talents for marine education, and developing marine education bases, National Taiwan Ocean University held the accreditation ceremony on June 30th. During the ceremony, Jack Chang, chief of the Taiwan Marine Education Center, signed a letter of intent for cooperation with school principals and representatives of various marine education bases to emphasize communication and cooperation and to jointly promote marine education development.

  Mr. Chang stated that he was to discuss cooperation and promotion plans with principals and teachers responsible for the courses and bases. School teachers will design course modules and integrate marine education into various subjects at all school levels.

  Mr. Chang said that it was his honor to cooperate with the 17 schools with a marine education base and to jointly promote marine education in Taiwan. He hoped that, in the future, more schools can cooperate with them and develop marine education bases to protect the ocean. In addition, the marine education bases are expected to serve as a foundation for students to enhance their understanding of the ocean, to achieve closeness to, understanding of, and love for the ocean.

  The following 17 elementary and high schools currently participate in the Ministry of Education’s project to develop marine education innovation courses and instructions, research, and development bases: Bitou Elementary School, Yeliou Elementary School, Wanli Junior High School, Sanchong High School, and Hsin Tien Senior High School in New Taipei City; Keelung Municipal Gangxi Elementary School, Keelung Municipal Jian De Junior High School, Keelung Municipal Badou Senior High School, National Keelung Senior High School, the Affiliated Keelung Maritime Senior High School of National Taiwan Ocean University; Chung-Li Junior High School in Taoyuan City; Sinpu Elementary School in Miaoli County; Kaohsiung Municipal Qianzhen Junior High School; Tainan Municipal Jiangiyun District Kunshen Elementary School, Tainan Municipal South District Sishu Elementary School; Haibin Elementary School in Pingtung County; and Oceanic Elementary School in Penghu County.

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